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Blue Selection

The selection below is categorized as blue, the product may appear in a different section such as gold if it covers both descriptions

Stunning turquoise/deep blue pendant necklace

Bracelet - A302GY

A302GY Bracelet
£24.50 x

Bracelet - A304BE

A304BE Bracelet
£33.99 x

Earrings - E310BE

E310BE Earrings
£16.99 x

Earrings - E324MC

E324MC Earrings
£11.50 x

Necklace - N304GY

N304GY Necklace
£40.00 x

Necklace - N305BE

N305BE Necklace
£37.99 x

Necklace - N310BE

N310BE Necklace
£19.99 x

Necklace - N322MC

N322MC Necklace
£19.99 x

Necklace - N334MC

N334MC Necklace
£33.50 x