Fragrance Creation

Looking for fine fragrance for the niche market? That's what we specialise in - from beginning to end. One picture is worth a thousand words - or so they say. In that case, a fragrance is worth a thousand pictures. Fragrances are a uniquely evocative language.

The mood can be mystical or strictly down to Earth. It can be subtly, exotically feminine, or cool, detached, business-like. Fragrances can reflect any image you choose. They can exude smooth reassurance or inspire complete trust. They can be open and honest, sweet and carefree. Or fragrances can be rich, dusky and just a little bit devilish.

Fragrances can in fact project any personality you like. So why not allow our most knowledgeable nose to create a unique fragrance just for you?

If you are looking for the right fragrance, we like to think that we are fluent in the language of fragrances and would be delighted to lend our fluency by creating a fragrance that is uniquely yours.

We have the technical skill to add your fragrance to almost anything from After Shave to Shower Gel, Pot Pourri to stationery. And even though we use only quality ingredients, we can make your fragrance reflect your budget too.

Just as important, we have a nose for marketing as well as fragrances, so we can make sure that every element of your presentation will fully support your aims. We can advise on technical issues too, to help you stay within the law.

We're almost unique in Europe in producing our own products with our own perfumes as well as bespoke fragrances for others.

Nobody is better placed to help you lead people by the nose - in the nicest possible way of course.

So if you are looking for a fragrance, it makes sense to talk to us.

To book a free consultation with John Stephen, email us for an appointment. We will guide you through the maze.

Perfume creation charge £250 + VAT. Minimum order once fragrance is approved - 5Kgs.

In house facilities enable us to fill and pack your product. We have the advantage of understanding perfumery products and can make sure it is produced with the attention to detail that you expect.

No need to transport bulk across the country when it can all be completed under one roof by our experienced team. And if all this is new to you, we can help you to avoid possible costly mistakes at the beginning, when the decisions are being made. Talk to us and let us help you make a success of your project.