Fragrance Creation

Looking for fine fragrance for the niche market? We specialise in fragrance creation, from conception to manufacture, for businesses of all kinds.

Fragrance is a uniquely evocative language. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a fragrance is worth a thousand pictures.

Fragrance can reflect any image and personality you choose – exuding smooth reassurance or inspiring complete trust. The mood can be mystical or grounded. It can be subtly, exotically feminine, or cool, fresh, and businesslike. It can be open and honest, sweet and carefree, or rich, dusky… even a little devilish.

Cotswold Perfumery: fluent in the language of fragrance

We’ve created unique perfumes for companies around the world. Could you be our next commission?

Under the expert guidance of our chief perfumer, John Stephen – we’d love to help you create a fragrance that’s uniquely yours.

We have the technical skill to add your bespoke fragrance to everything from aftershave and shower gel to pot pourri and stationery. And, even though we use only quality ingredients, we can tailor your fragrance to reflect your budget, too.

Discover the skills that make Cotswold Perfumery one of the very few businesses in the world to produce bespoke commercial fragrances, as well as our own perfume products. No one is better placed to help you lead people by the nose – in the nicest possible way!

Perfume creation costs £250 + VAT. Once you’ve approved your fragrance, the minimum order is 5 kilograms.

We have the skills to produce your product with the commercial attention to detail you expect, and the facilities to fill and pack your product in house.

Just as important, our nose for marketing and technical issues ensures every element of your presentation supports your aims – and stays within the law.

Email to book a free consultation. We’ll  talk you through the process and the important initial decisions, and help you make a commercial success of your project.