John Stephen

John Stephen is the perfumer and owner of The Cotswold Perfumery Ltd. He has over 40 years experience as a creative perfumer and is the "nose" behind many fine fragrances in the niche market.

As a Chartered Chemist, John also understands the technical side perfumery - an essential requirement in today's increasingly complex world where regulations form a major part of the work of a modern perfumer.

John is one of only six independent perfumers in the UK, and his fragrances are worn by enthusiasts all over the world - even Her Majesty The Queen.

Others are now able to benefit from his experience through the Perfume Courses that he runs at the Perfumery. The Level One Course is an introduction to the concepts of creative perfumery; Level Two is designed for those who want to make perfume for others or commercially; and Lab Days are available where students can gain practical experience working in a Perfume Laboratory.