Level 1 Perfume Making Course  -  Learn about scents and make your own perfume  - Suitable for absolute beginners  -  £245  

Spend a day with us at The Cotswold Perfumery, we'll teach you the science of smells, offer you drinks and nibbles, take you out for lunch and then give you hands-on experience making your own perfume.

Our perfume courses bring together a whole range of people; from aspiring perfumers who have commercial aspirations to hobbyists interested in finding out more about the art of perfumery and wanting to create unique gifts for friends and family. Our courses incorporate both the theoretical and practical aspects of perfume creation.

Perfumery Level One introduces the basic concepts and perfume classifications and ends with the creation of a perfume. 

Your journey into the fascinating world of perfume creation begins with the theory of perfume making. During the morning session our Chief perfumer John Stephen will talk you through the basic concepts for perfume creation including fragrance composition, characteristics of each raw material and the stages of the perfume-making process. There will also be a guided tour of the fragrant perfume garden.

In the afternoon, with the help of your newly acquired perfumery knowledge and John’s support, you will have the opportunity to create your own bespoke perfume.

Perfect for...

Our Level 1 course is the perfect gift for anyone who loves perfume or has an interest in perfumery and wants to make their own perfume or for those considering perfumery as a career. It also provides an excellent insight into the perfume industry and a real world experience of a fully operational perfume laboratory. 

By the end of the Level One course you will…

  • Understand how perfumes can be grouped into classifications so that you have a framework within which to understand fragrances and be able to choose your perfume more knowledgeably. 
  • Know how to structure a perfume and build it from raw materials
  • Understand blending techniques and typical pitfalls
  • Appreciate the importance of balance and harmony in a perfume and how to achieve these qualities
  • Know how to use the equipment accurately and safely
  • Made your own perfume to take home