Documentation and Mentoring Services

Documentation Service

If you’ve completed our advanced perfume course and you want to launch your own range of fine fragrances you may want help understanding and completing the vast amount of paperwork involved!

Our services and prices (incl VAT) are:

  • Flash point analysis         £30
  • Relative density               £12
  • INCI file                            £24
  • Safety Data Sheet, IFRA Certificate & Allergen Report - £60
  • CPSR: (Cosmetics Product Safety Report), plus all of the above £300   

For more information on what’s involved, email or call 01451 820698.

Mentoring Service

Launching a niche fragrance is a skilled job, and it helps to have expert guidance on hand when you need it most.

Expert face-to-face, telephone or Skype mentoring from our chief perfumer and Chartered Chemist, John Stephen, costs £500 + VAT per day.

For more information, email or call 01451 820698.