Create Your Own Perfume

16 Jan 2017

For many, perfume creation is something they enjoyed as a child on summer afternoons, crushing flower petals with water in the garden, then offering up to mum as a creative gift. The innocence of childhood and those precious first discoveries of scent can generate a lifetime’s interest in fragrance.

For others, childhood memories are enhanced by a familiar fragrance worn by parents or grandparents. For me, I will always remember the slightly oriental floral fragrance worn by my grandmother. It smelt exotic and mysterious, and to a young child who’d grown up in a tiny village in the countryside, it was unlike anything I’d ever smelt before. It made me think there was so much more to the world than what I’d experienced to date.

Perfume is such a personal choice, and influenced by many different aspects of our lives. For some, it’s an opportunity to feel sexy and attract attention. For others, it’s the ability to make a statement about yourself, to create a persona, and show one’s individuality. For many, it’s simply to make us feel happy and good about ourselves.

Unlike clothing that has to fit your physical size, fragrance has no such restrictions, meaning you can create anything you like, knowing you can wear it. There are limitless options to combine florals, with citrus, or woody notes… like music, or writing, you are free to creatively express yourself through the medium of perfume.

It is possible to create your own fragrance quite simply, by purchasing the materials you need online, but to enjoy any level of success, the best option is to book yourself onto a course taught by a Master Perfumer. This way, you’ll be shown all the basic steps and given useful guidance on how to go about creating a bespoke fragrance.

At The Cotswold Perfumery, we run courses that take you step by step through the creative process - everything from how to structure a perfume, to categorizing, compounding, and even documenting your finished fragrance.

Whether you intend to use your new found knowledge as a hobby, or are looking to make a career in perfumery, our courses are the ideal starting point.

If you’d love to learn the art and science of perfume creation, we run Level One and Level Two courses right here at our headquarters in Bourton-on-the-Water. Call us on 01451 820698 to book your place on our next available course session.

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