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14 Feb 2017

There’s nothing nicer than curling up with a good book on a cold winter’s day. So, if you’re like us, and love everything perfume-related, why not expand your knowledge and indulge your passion with our list of top books dedicated to the wonderful world of perfume. 
Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez.

This book is a wonderful collection of reviews of perfumes, a comprehensive compendium of fascinating facts and utterly honest opinions from a husband and wife team who are unquestionably passionate about perfume. 
Searingly honest reviews that tell you whether or not you’re paying for the scent or the packaging will make you look at perfume in a whole new light. You’ll never walk through the perfume hall of any department store in the same way again - this book will make you question everything you thought you knew about fragrance. 
Witty, clever, informative and stylish, it is a brilliant read for anyone with an interest in perfume. 
The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils 

For a comprehensive roundup of essential oils, this is a great point of reference. With 165 oils detailed, this book covers everything you need to know and is an essential handbook for aromatherapists and perfumers. 
There is an A-Z listing of aromatic plants, and for each entry, you’ll find the common name, Latin name and botanical plant family information so that you can learn to easily identify your oil origins. There’s also information on how the oil is extracted and it’s common uses as well as characteristics so you can discover what other oils it will blend with well. Finally, there’s lots of practical information to assist you in using essential oils safely. 
Perfume: A Century of Scents by Lizzie Ostrom

We love this book as it defies your expectations. Ostrom takes 10 fragrances from each decade of the 20th century, and writes not only about the perfumes themselves, but also about the styles, ideals, concerns of the era in which they were created. 
She doesn’t claim to be covering the best, or most popular perfumes, so there are several surprises in her contents with many big names being omitted in favour of lesser known fragrances. 
Beautifully written, it’s witty and charming and makes a lovely, easy read. This would make a great gift for fragrance fans everywhere. 
Jacques Helleu and Chanel by Jacques Helleu

A decadent coffee table book packed with allure, style and irresistible photography. Jacques Helleu is the man behind the iconic imagery of Chanel fragrances, and this book brings together his creative works of the past 40 years.  
Glossy, glamorous and gorgeous, the book showcases collaborations with photographers, directors, actresses and models and the glorious fashion photography that resulted. Arranged by decade and theme, it is a lavish book that you’ll treasure. 
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