The Scents of Spring

18 Mar 2017

We’ve walked into the perfumery this week with a spring in our step (no pun intended!). With the sun shining, the barometer edging steadily upwards, and every grassy verge becoming overrun with daffodils and crocuses, we have to conclude that Spring has very definitely arrived.

There’s a sense that anything is possible and everyone seems just that little bit more cheerful. It’s time to shake off the heavy coats and fur-lined boots, and revel in the delightful Spring scents that surround us. Here are some of our favourites at The Cotswold Perfumery.

1 Spring Flowers

Spring is all about flowers and the delicious floral scents that they bring. It may be the fresh blossom blooming on the trees, or the brightly coloured bulbs that are bursting into life. We also associate Spring with posies of flowers to gift to our beloved mums on Mothering Sunday. It seems that wherever we look there are cheerful, bright blooms with their intoxicating fragrances.

We particularly love Muguet, our Lily of the Valley ladies fragrance for its delicate floral notes that for us, sum up Spring in a bottle.

2 Cut Grass

With an improvement in the weather comes the need and desire to get back in the garden. After months of winter neglect, the first job once the ground is dry is to complete the first mow of the season. The smell of cut grass is distinctive and evocative, taking many of us back to our childhoods and the memories of long, lazy weekends.

We associate the smell of mown grass with friends, food and fun, and once one lawn has been mowed, the pressure is on for everyone else in the neighbourhood to follow suit.

3 Rain

Whilst the weather is milder, it’s not always drier during Spring, and the famous reference to April showers is almost always reliable. When the rains have cleared, the earthy smells that remain are a heady mix of plant oils and bacterial spores.

We love the earthy smells that remind us that nature is everywhere, influencing every day of every season.


The optimists around us will use the first possible opportunity to break out the barbecue! Even if the outdoor temperature isn’t exactly sizzling, then the coals certainly will be. Charred steaks, smoky marinades, citrus glazes and herby notes dominate, and create mouth-watering scent experiences. We defy anyone to resist the lure of the barbecue.

5 Clean Air

For us, we love the shift in season when opening windows becomes the norm once more. There’s nothing more refreshing and revitalising than the waft of clear, fresh air coming into the home (or workplace).

We like to sit in the workshop with the door flung open to our garden on a fine day, taking the opportunity to embrace the scents from our garden flowers and plants.

6 Linen

Spring means spring cleaning and the rituals of cleaning a home from top to toe. With drier days meaning the end of use of the tumble drier for a while, we love the smell of freshly washed linen when we bring it in from the washing line.

There’s a crisp, fresh scent that cannot be beaten, or replicated. And for us, that means that Spring is well and truly here.

Are you fascinated by scent? We create our own bespoke fragrances here in Bourton-on-the-Water, all made by hand in our workshop. The Cotswold Perfumery is also home to a broad range of gorgeous gifts as well as our full range of bespoke fragrances. To find out more, call us on 01451 820 698.

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