Top Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Day Perfume

08 Jun 2018

When you’re creating your dream wedding day, the fragrance you choose to wear may be the last thing on your mind. But, according to John Stephen, chief perfumer at the Cotswold Perfumery, choosing the right perfume is as important as picking the right dress. 

“Smell is often considered the most evocative of the senses. We all associate certain smells with certain events in our lives, or with loved ones – perhaps the smell of lavender reminds you of a beloved grandparent, for example. 

“In the same way, selecting a new fragrance to represent your wedding day helps you capture precious memories of the most romantic day of your life. 

 “You’ve spent months thinking about what your wedding day will look like – your dream dress, the venue, the flowers. You’ve thought about what it will sound like – church bells, speeches, the music you want for your first dance together. You’ve even thought about what it will taste like – the cake, the champagne, the menu for your wedding breakfast. But have you considered what it will smell like? 

 “By choosing a perfume you don’t wear day-to-day – something that represents the excitement of your special day, or a favourite time with your partner – you’re effectively locking in those memories. Even years later, the smell of your chosen wedding day perfume will help you recall the sights, sounds and emotions of the day, and the little details you thought were long forgotten.”

How to choose the right wedding day fragrance

So, how do you go about picking the right fragrance for your wedding day?

First think about the type of perfume you want to represent the day. Do you want a light, fresh, modern fragrance, or perhaps a romantic floral scent? Our post on How to choose a perfume can help you narrow down your selection. 

Once you’ve decided what type of perfume you want, here are our tips for choosing the right wedding day fragrance: 

  • Research perfumes in your chosen category – floral, chypre, oriental, aldehydic, green – and start a shortlist of the ones you like.
  • Keep your wedding theme – and the season – in mind: a floral fragrance suits a garden wedding, sophisticated chypres suit classic weddings, while light, fresh, green notes suit a chic, simplistic style.
  • When testing perfumes, always spray them directly on your skin, as fragrances smell different on different people.
  • Don’t test more than two or three perfumes at a time, to avoid olfactory overload.
  • For a lasting fragrance, choose a perfume oil or eau de parfum rather than a lighter eau de toilette.

Above all, remember that even though you’re stepping away from your signature scent for the day, it’s still important to choose something that suits you. Friends and family will be happy to give an objective opinion to help you choose the right wedding day fragrance.

The big day

Your natural body heat will intensify the fragrance, so apply your chosen perfume as soon as you’re dry from the shower or bath. Work up your body, applying perfume to your ankles, behind your knees, between your thighs, in the crook of your elbows, your wrists, cleavage, and the nape of your neck.

Applying a matching body lotion on top to seal in the perfume is another great way to help your chosen fragrance linger throughout the day.

We hope this advice helps you choose the right fragrance for your big day. For more fragrance inspiration and great gift ideas, visit the Cotswold Perfumery shop. Good luck!

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