The Classification of Perfumes - Part 2

10 Nov 2016

Last week, we looked at the different classifications used to describe and categorise groups of perfumes that share similar characteristics.

You may find yourself drawn to a particular style of scent, or prefer different scents depending on your mood, or the occasion. Many people enjoy wearing a more powerful scent to...

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The Classification of Perfumes

31 Oct 2016

This week, we’re taking a look at the various classifications used to describe different groups of perfumes. The world of scent is complex with fragrances coming in many shapes, sizes, colours and of course, scents.

Just like a complex food dish, a typical fragrance will be made up of many, many...

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Significant Scents - Poison

28 Oct 2016

This week’s significant scent is no shrinking violet. It’s hard to believe that it was launched over 30 years ago, and to this day, Christian Dior’s Poison still tempts women the world over.

Created by Edouard Flechier for famed fashion...

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What To Do In The Cotswolds This Autumn

22 Oct 2016

There’s no doubt that the Cotswolds is a stunning destination to visit during the summer months, but what about touring this gorgeous region in the autumn? Here at The Cotswold Perfumery, we’ve compiled some of our favourite places to visit in autumn. Read on for our top tips for planning...

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