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Please Note:

This section is designed to serve those who have attended at least a Level One Perfume Course at the Cotswold Perfumery, but products may be available to others too (read on).

We specialise in Fine Fragrances, so many of those who attend our courses are interested in making alcoholic perfumes.

We are not allowed to sell pure alcohol (ethanol), so instead we sell most of our ingredients already diluted in ethanol (10% usually) - which means that when used they will create an alcoholic perfume.

Mixing with ethanol creates a safety issue and a transport issue because they are then flammable liquids. So we cannot send these overseas, and we will only sell them to those who have attended a course.

However, for non-hazardous oils sold at 100% there is no restriction on sending them worldwide - whether or not you have attended a course. But making up batches in different strengths to our normal stock carries an extra charge of £2.50 per item, plus of course the extra cost of the raw material. The service may not be as prompt either due to the bespoke nature of the enquiry.

If you are interested in (a) different concentrations in ethanol or (b) 100% concentrations to be sent within the UK or overseas, please email us with your requirements at and we will be happy to quote.

Concentrated fine fragrances/Essential Oils