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Bottle - Amber

Perfume materials are best stored in a cool dark place in full, sealed bottles, away from sunlight. These 50ml amber bottles are dark enough to protect your oils from harmful ultra-violet light but still light enough to able to see the level of liquid in the bottle making stock control and refilling easier. The ground glass stoppers will provide a perfect seal as long as they are greased.

Silicone grease especially for this purpose is sold as a separate item and should be smeared fairly liberally around the ground glass part of the stopper so that when inserted in the bottle neck it spreads to form a seal. It is not necessary to apply any force to the stopper when inserting into the bottle. In fact if properly greased the stopper can simply be dropped back in place, making it a fast and efficient container for your oils. Grease will also prevent stoppers becoming bonded to the bottle by raw materials that form sticky or resinous deposits. Silicone grease will not effect perfume ingredients.

If you want your oils supplied in stoppered bottles instead of the 30ml screw top refills then let us know by sending us an email at the same time. We will fill your stoppered bottles for you, grease the tops and label the bottles for no extra charge. We will pass on the saving of the screw top bottle by making up the volume difference between the 30ml and the 50ml bottle, although for the more expensive oils this may not result in the full 20ml difference being made up.

Amber glass stoppered bottle
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