Terms & Conditions of Business - Accommodation

Terms and conditions of business: accommodation

Apartments at the Cotswold Perfumery ("apartments") are booked on a daily basis with a minimum of a two night stay. Rates vary depending on the season and number of days booked. Details can be found here.

You can book online, using the link above, by emailing reservations@cotswold-perfumery.co.uk or by calling 01451 820698.

A deposit of £200 is required for all bookings.

To confirm your booking, the balance due must be paid at least six weeks before the start of your stay. Payment of the balance signifies your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions, and forms the basis of the contract between you and Cotswold Perfumery Limited, so please read them carefully.

A full inventory can be downloaded here. It is your responsibility on arrival to check that all items detailed in the inventory are present and in good working order. If an omission or fault is not reported to Cotswold Perfumery Limited within 24 hours of your arrival it will be assumed and accepted by Cotswold Perfumery Limited that all is in order and any damage, loss or breakages will be paid for by you at the end of your letting.

Any defective or missing item reported to Cotswold Perfumery Limited within 24 hours of arrival will be addressed immediately at the expense of Cotswold Perfumery Limited.

You must allow Cotswold Perfumery Limited and its agents access to the apartments at any time to deal with any maintenance or security issues that arise during your letting.

The apartments are not to be used for any illegal or immoral purpose.

No musical instrument or sound production equipment must be played in the apartments between 11pm and 7.30am so as to be audible outside the apartments or at such a level as to cause nuisance or disturbance to any neighbours.

During your letting you undertake not to do anything, or permit anything to be done, that would result in any policy of insurance held by Cotswold Perfumery Limited being rendered void or voidable or subject to an increased rate or premium.

While every care is taken to ensure the security of property brought to the apartments by Cotswold Perfumery Limited supplying door locks, a burglar alarm and a room safe, Cotswold Perfumery Limited does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any property belonging to you which is kept in the apartments.

Films and events ordered through Sky Box Office are chargeable at cost and must be paid for on departure.

No poster or placard may be affixed to the interior or exterior of the apartments and no alterations or additions will be permitted to the interior or exterior of the apartments or to the decoration, fixture or fittings in the apartments or to the furniture.

No act will be permitted that causes nuisance, annoyance or damage to any neighbouring or adjoining property of the apartments.

Apartments cannot be sublet.

Apartments must be occupied by a maximum of two people unless otherwise agreed, the names being those on the booking form.

Apartments are available from 4pm on the date of arrival and must be vacated by 10.30am on the date of departure.

Apart from normal wear and tear, the apartments must be left in the condition in which they are found on arrival.

There is strictly no smoking or vaping on the premises. A charge of £100 will be made for breaking this rule.

Should any keys be lost the cost of changing the locks will be met by you.

No pets are allowed in the apartments.

Our cancellation policy: accommodation

To receive a full refund on your booking, please ensure you give us at least 43 days’ notice (six weeks and a day). 

If you cancel your booking within six weeks of your arrival date you won’t receive a refund, unless we manage to resell that booking, in which case you’ll receive a full refund less an admin fee of £25.