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Laboratory Scales

Purchasing scales for perfumery creation can be tricky. Many makes have a zeroing facility that ignores small fluctuations caused by draughts. The problem is that adding very quantities at a time - which happens all the time in perfumery - can cause some scales to zero resulting in the amount added being ignored.

These scales have been tested and do not suffer from this problem. They have a maximum capacity of 300gms which is ample for most creative work and they go down to 1mg (one thousandth of a gram). This is ten times more accurate than the scales used on the course and allows parts of one drop to be added.

When professional perfumers' create perfume, the quantities in the formulation usually add up to 1000, which refers to milligrams. This allows for the smallest quantity to be 1mg - or one tenth of one percent - which usually fine.

Creating perfumes using scales as opposed to drops immediately dispenses with the need to convert drops to weight and then weigh out your perfume - it can all be done in one operation - directly on the scales.

Battery or mains operated. Batteries are automatically recharged when using mains power. Other features include a counting facility if required.

Laboratory scales - 300gm x 1mg
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